Ireland’s Ex-President: Was naive about Princess Latifa

Updated February 28, 2021, 12:42 p.m.

  • Former Irish President Mary Robinson regrets her naivete about Princess Latifa’s situation.
  • It was their “biggest mistake” to be deceived by the ruling family when they visited Dubai in 2018.
  • Now she believes the princess “100 percent” that she is being held captive.

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Former Irish President Mary Robinson regrets her role following the alleged kidnapping of the daughter of the ruler of Dubai, Princess Latifa.

In an interview with Irish public broadcaster RTÉ on Friday evening, Robinson said it was her “biggest mistake” to travel to Dubai for a dinner in the presence of Princess Latifa in 2018 and not have been more vigilant about the situation where the princess was.

The encounter was cited by the Latifas family as evidence that the princess is not being held captive against her will. Robinson, who was temporarily the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, described Latifa, who is now 36 years old, as “a young woman burdened with problems”.

She later told the British BBC that she had been led to believe that Latifa had bipolar disorder. She didn’t want to talk to her about possible traumatic events.

Robinson: I was naive

Robinson now says she was “naive”. She now believes the princess “100 percent” and has contacted the Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney about the case.

In mid-February, video recordings were again made public, in which Latifa speaks of being held in Dubai at the behest of her father, Mohammed bin Raschid al-Maktum.

According to friends, she secretly recorded the videos on a smartphone. The friends have now published the videos because they say they have not had any signs of life for months.

The ruling family of Dubai then announced that Latifa would be cared for by her family and medical staff at home. “She continues to recover and we are hopeful that she will return to public life at a reasonable time,” the BBC quoted from a statement from the family.

Latifa tried to flee Dubai in 2018

Latifa tried to leave Dubai in February 2018 by rubber dinghy and yacht. She is said to have been stopped by a special force off the Indian coast and brought back forcibly, reported her friends.

An older sister of Latifa was abducted from Cambridge and taken to Dubai in 2000 after trying to break away. A British court last year found Sheikh Mohammed responsible for the kidnapping of his two daughters and the intimidation of one of his wives as part of divorce proceedings. (jwo / dpa)
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Princess Latifa is held captive by her own father, the Emir of Dubai. In a video message, she said she was afraid for her life. (Image: picture alliance) © ProSiebenSat.1

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