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IRAG network hospitals in Querétaro; there is saturation in 4

These are three hospitals from the IMSS and one from the ISSSTE. Photo: Ricardo Sánchez

Four SARI network hospitals in Querétaro, considered for the care of patients infected by COVID-19 in the entity, report hospital saturation according to the cutoff to January 5, 2021.

“There are times when you have to stand out a little bit sometimes in a bad mood, they kind of soften up, but in reality the service is not at one hundred”

Jesús Robles, family member of COVID patient

What are the hospitals in the SARI network in Querétaro that are saturated?

Of the SARI network hospitals in Querétaro of the federal government that report saturation, these are the converted hospitals in charge of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS): that of Hospital 3 of San Juan del Río (100%), the Hospital 2 of El Marqués (99%) and Regional Hospital 1 of Querétaro (99%); while by the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE), he Doctor Ismael Vázquez Ortiz (84%).

  • These figures correspond to the general hospitalization rate.

On the other hand, in the area of beds with fan, the occupation remains in red in the three institutions under the administration of the IMSS, highlighting the General Hospital 2 of El Marqués and the San Juan del Río hospital with 100%, while the Regional number 1 located in the capital of Queretaro reports an occupancy of 83%.

Occupation with ICU ventilator, The General Hospital of Querétaro stands out, in charge of the state health sector, it reports 100% occupancy, as does the Regional Hospital 1 of the IMSS. The same case around hospital number 2 of El Marqués, also in charge of the IMSS.

In general, in terms of occupation general hospital is reported in 55.57%, he 50.9% beds with a fan, while the 80.55% occupancy of beds with ICU ventilator.

“My grandfather was diagnosed with COVID-19 and we tried to get a place in the General Hospital but there was none and we had to admit him to a private institution during this time, and when there was finally a place he moved, about a week later”

Aldo Suárez, Family member of COVID patient

Despite the numbers, Health Secretary Through the director of Health Services at the state level, he assured that there has been no case of transfer between hospital institutions for this reason, since each hospital provides beds around the need that arises; detailed that the network figures correspond to a standard physical space that has undergone substantial expansion due to the reconversion of the facility for exclusive attention of COVID-19.

Photo: Ricardo Sánchez

Coronavirus in Querétaro

This Tuesday they reported 519 new infections of COVID-19 for 21 deaths from the same cause. It was just last Monday when state authorities expanded the implementation of restrictions until January 18, which entered into force on December 21.

“Yesterday we had 44 in intensive care for ventilator patients, so those 44 include those that are physically called intensive care units, but in the conversion process we have more space, so the same happens with Social Security and the same, In other words, there are fans and sometimes one more bed may be required and the ventilator and all the devices that must be carried are placed and I insist, so far no patient has been rejected or that we have identified in the permanent communication or that they have had it to send to some other state because I no longer had a bed “

Martina Pérez Rendón, Director of Health Services of the State of Querétaro

Photo: Ricardo Sánchez

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