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IPRODHA will re-adjudicate the house to the evicted family on Saturday in the Itaembe Guazú neighborhood of Posadas

IPRODHA will re-adjudicate the house to the evicted family on Saturday in the Itaembe Guazú neighborhood of Posadas

After a family was evicted last Saturday from the house they rented in Itaembe Guazú de Posadas, the Provincial Institute for Housing Development (IPRODHA) intervened and will re-adjudicate the house to the tenant.

María Silvia Jouliá – Radio República

The director of the social area of ​​the IPRODHA, María Silvia Jouliá, commented that the institute took action since the house that was awarded to the owner in 2015 was not canceled, and also did not comply with the condition of living in the house. Since the tenant was living in the location since May 2018, without a formal contract, or receipts.

The event occurred after the evicted family decided to report the irregularity committed by the owner to IPRODHA, since the houses built by that body cannot be rented. The woman filed the complaint on November 19, attaching as evidence captures of cell phone messages that corroborated her statements.

Subsequently, workers of the Institute made the social visit to confirm the occupational status of the house, which establishes the regulatory resolution No. 205, where it was found that the family was living in the house.

On December 21, the file already had a legal opinion in favor of the family, where by resolution 1,662 / 2020 the owner was revoked and the house was released so that the evicted family could later be restored.

After the resolution, the Institute will begin the re-adjudication process, during which previously, the family presented all the documentation that was requested and signed the consent of the price of the house and the installments. You must wait a period of ten days from the publication of the resolution for it to be final and from then on the re-adjudication can be made.

Jouliá clarified that future new owners will start paying for the house from scratch, although as it is from 2015, it is not the same value as a new one, since a series of factors are taken into account when setting the total price and the dues.

Given the situation of violence against the family by the former judge, who will take charge is the investigating judge Fernando Verón.


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