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IP will be able to buy vaccines abroad: López Obrador

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed this Sunday that private initiative will be able to buy vaccines abroad.

“It has been said that why it is not allowed to be sold in pharmacies. Of course, if there are companies that want to buy the vaccine abroad, we have no impediment, that is, for the vaccine to be sold, to buy it abroad “he said in a message posted on his social networks.

“We do, what we are doing is buying all the vaccine that is needed to guarantee that nobody is missing and that it is free, nothing more than at the time, not because ‘I have money and I am going to get vaccinated first or I I am a politician, I am influential and I get vaccinated first. ‘No, that’s not how it is, “he commented.

Likewise, the president announced that Mexico will begin to apply millions of Chinese CanSino vaccines in January.

López Obrador stressed that vaccination will be universal and its application will not distinguish between rich and poor.

He explained that, regardless of whether a person lives in Las Lomas, San Pedro Garza García or in the Lacandona Jungle, all will receive their vaccine.

He added that, the second week of January, the elderly will begin to be vaccinated, who, in case they cannot go to the vaccination centers, may be injected at home.

“By the second half of January we start with the elderly, the elderly, we start with the oldest, from 100 to 90 years old, wherever they are, if they cannot leave their homes, we are going to vaccinate them at their homes. houses, “said the president.

“From 90 to 65 years old, the same, we are going to put into practice the same mechanism that we use the same mechanism that we use to deliver pensions to those who live in the most remote areas of the country, that a brigade leaves and they are given their support directly, so we are going to do it, but for vaccination. “

Vaccination against COVID-19 in Mexico began on December 24. María Irene Ramírez, head of nursing in the intensive care unit of the ‘Rubén Leñero’ Hospital, became the first person to be vaccinated against the disease in the country.

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