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Involved in labor lawsuits, Mariano Macri leaves Brazil

According to the Brazilian media “Diario de Poder”, after leading the family business group (Socma, Sociedades Macri) In recent years in Brazil, its investments in the areas of food and basic sanitation “have entered into judicial reorganization and have become the target of various labor lawsuits.”

“One of the companies led by Macri’s brother, cleaning services, is accused of over-billing and responds to various lawsuits”, points out the same medium.

The most famous episode of the group in Brazil was Chapecó Alimentos, which left 5,000 unemployed and a debt of R $ 600 million in the BNDES.

The Macri company responds to processes in São Paulo and Bahia. With the chief in Argentina, the Brazilian justice will have more difficulties.

Mariano became the protagonist of accusations against his brother Mauricio Macri in the book “Hermano”, where he tells everything that he calls the “plot” of the business.

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