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Investigators sure – Killer command kills German businessman

Eindhoven – It is November 26, 2019 when the police discovered the blood-smeared body of Thomas Schwarz († 58). The German businessman is tied up in his home in Bergen, the Netherlands, with his throat slit.

Now it becomes clear: The bloody act was apparently carried out by three ex-soldiers from the USA. According to investigators, she had hired a slick businessman from Switzerland.

BILD reconstructs the mysterious contract killing: For years, the later victim Thomas Schwarz ran a company that traded in fruit and vegetables. But the company was in financial difficulties, Schwarz turned to the Swiss Lukas F. (51). His company is said to specialize in buying up companies on the verge of bankruptcy.

Dispute over high debts

What exactly happened – unclear. The Dutch investigators suspect that Schwarz F. owed a lot of money in the end. There was probably a quarrel. F. is said to have hired the contract killers. Their names: Jacob M., Justin Causey and William Johnson – all three know each other from missions in Afghanistan.

▶ ︎You traveled to the Netherlands via Germany and moved into a hotel. From there they are said to have scouted out their victim and planned the act precisely. Then they struck: on the morning of November 26th, neighbors heard screams from Schwarz’s apartment. The killers piled up frantically, said to have met F. one last time in Zurich before they flew back to the USA via detours.

Now they are being delivered to the Netherlands. The alleged client is already in jail there. In the upcoming process, the last riddle of the mysterious contract killing should finally be solved.

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