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Investigations against Donald Trump: 29 proceedings open – is he still a candidate?

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Donald Trump is under pressure. Lawsuits and proceedings against the Republican are increasing. Are there too many to run for president again?

  • Versus Donald Trump to run Investigations. The Washington Post counts 29 cases.
  • Lots of Procedure versus Trump have to do with their real estate and finances.
  • Trump News: All the news about the ex-president of the USA at a glance.

New York City – Since then Donald Trump his immunity with the inauguration of Joe Biden lost, the former US president is in dire straits. 29 Preliminary investigation run against the Republican. The Washington Post speaks of a “historical vulnerability before the law”. After US election has Trump prepared for this wave of proceedings.

Investigation against Donald Trump: Former US President suddenly vulnerable

Could more than $ 31 million Donald Trump since November 3, 2020, mainly through donations to its political lobby group “Save America”. This money could benefit him especially with regard to pending litigation and legal costs. But research, especially by the “New York Times”, has shown that Donald Trump’s fortune is not only finite – it also recorded heavy losses during the presidency.

The investigators have the financial documents of Donald Trump now open for investigation – and more lawsuits follow continuously. With these has Trump already plenty of experience. He was involved in more than 3,500 legal matters before his candidacy five years ago, as USA Today found out. Often, however, it was Trump himself, or his companies, who took legal action against someone or something and overwhelmed them with legal costs. Now the tide seems to have turned.

According to the Washington Post, there are 29 preliminary investigations against Donald Trump.


Investigations against Donald Trump: Ex-President is in bad shape economically

Michael D’Antonio has a biography about 2015 Donald Trump composed. His fortune, or the appraisal of his fortune, would have meant that there were “no legal problems” for someone “on his level”, he explains to the Washington Post – at least not in the way that “ordinary people” think about it . Always have Trump something against his opponents: he could, for example, refuse donations, cause negative reports or initiate a counterclaim. But today, according to D’Antonio, I have Donald Trump nothing left to offer. In return, however, there is “every incentive to destroy it”.

The lawsuits also come at an extremely inopportune time. Mainly because of the corona pandemic, but also because of the storming of the Capitol on January 6, Trump’s company went downhill economically. Several fashion retailers want that Trump Tower left Manhattan or stopped paying rent. Cyrus Vance Jr.who the Investigations in the state of New York, has a decisive advantage that his predecessor: was denied: he has access to the tax documents of the Ex-President. So be meticulous Donald Trump has never been investigated, claims its former attorney Michael Cohen, who opposed the republican testifies and is in contact with the chief investigator – a “proctological examination at the highest level”, he describes the situation. Cohen had sued Trump himself. His former client is said to owe him legal fees of $ 3 million.

An overview of some of the investigations against Donald Trump

  • New York: Donald Trump is suspected of manipulating the value of a property in order to obtain tax breaks. In addition, Trump is said to have provided false information about assets and debts in order to benefit from advantageous credit conditions or tax breaks. His CFO Allen Weisselberg and his son Eric Trump have already had to testify.
  • Have two wives Donald Trump sued for defamation. He is said to have sexually abused her before his term in office and to have referred to her as liars after the allegations.
  • Tenants also wanted against Donald Trump complain because he illegally increased the rent with the help of a front company and earned millions. The Secret Service on White house did not want to accept the court documents. The delivery man handed them over anyway – and then fled quickly, claims Jerrold Parker, lawyer for the plaintiffs.
  • Georgia: Donald Trump is said to have called the election officer after the US election and asked to “find” enough votes for him to prevail against Joe Biden in this state. The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office is investigating.
  • Michigan: Donald Trump allegedly violated the Voting Rights Act when he asked the Republican-run electoral authority in the state not to certify the result. An organization for citizens’ rights has filed a lawsuit.
  • District of Columbia: Donald Trump is suspected of his followers: inside to be violent Storming the Capitol Instigated on January 6th when the electoral vote was being counted.
  • Democratic Congressmen Bennie Thompson and Eric Swalwell each have a civil lawsuit against Trump, Rudy Giuliani and two right-wing extremist groups, citing the “Ku Klux Klan Act”. The one at that time US President is said to have intimidated politicians and thus hindered them in their official business.
  • USA: The Justice Department is investigating the Riots in the Capitol on January 6th – and possibly the role of Donald Trump.

Investigations against Donald Trump could stand in the way of a renewed candidacy for US president

Of the 29 preliminary investigations, 18 have to do with disputes over his real estate. For example, there are said to have been bed bugs in his hotel in Las Vegas. The Trump Chicago hotel accused of pumping water from the river without authorization. Many of his attorneys who have been involved in these proceedings have been working with Donald Trump ended after the riot in the Capitol. Possibly illegal business practices were exposed while he was still in office.

Criminal charges were against Donald Trump not yet reimbursed, but things are not looking good for him, including in terms of his political career. Allan Lichtman, political historian at the American University in Washington DC, believes that a new candidacy in 2024 is unlikely. There are simply too many other problems to deal with for that Trump has to deal, he claims to the Miami Herald newspaper. In addition to the 29 procedures, more than $ 400 million in loan debt will also fall due. In addition, his company and the “Trump brand” are now doomed to failure. Lichtman assumes that Donald Trump remain politically active and in “attack mode”. He could give the appearance of another candidacy, but the circumstances make it extremely unlikely. Nevertheless, “Trumpism” will die USA accompany for years to come. (Lukas Rogalla)

Headline list image: © SAUL LOEB / AFP

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