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Internet Fraud – One click cost me 36,000 euros

Stuttgart – Pensioner Ewald O. (73) looks horrified at his screen. His current account at Volksbank Stuttgart is glowing red, showing a minus of 1700 euros. A week ago everything was OK, with a daily money and current account totaling 36,000 euros.

Now everything is gone! Ewald O. and his wife fell for so-called phishing scammers.

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Ewald O. to BILD: “Everything looked deceptively real. We received an email asking us to agree to a new banking procedure. After clicking the button, we should enter our TAN number. My wife did that. “

When the PC blocked, the retirees switched it off – and opened their online banking the next day with a strange feeling.

Ewald O .: “We couldn’t believe it. Someone had increased the transfer limit to 50,000 euros and emptied both accounts completely, even overdrawn the current account. A total of six times money was withdrawn and transferred to an unknown account. “

The Aalen police are investigating commercial fraud, but Chief Inspector Holger Bienert (46) gives the retired couple little hope: “The perpetrators are abroad, as are the Internet servers they use to attack. The accounts in which the looted money ends up are under false names. The investigations usually get stuck. “

Fraud victim Ewald O .: “We saved up the money for years to install a photovoltaic system. Now everything is gone and the Volksbank says that it’s our own fault. “

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