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Intensive care units full – 43 US clinics reject heart patients (73) – dead!

This case is stunned – and it leaves a family in deep mourning for a loved one.

The corona situation in the USA is still so dramatic that even operations that are vital for survival have to be postponed or rejected. The “Washington Post“.

Ray DeMonia (73) from Alabama was admitted to a regional hospital on August 23 with severe heart problems – but then nothing happened! Because Alabama is one of the states that have to struggle the hardest with overloaded intensive care units, there was no room for the heart-sick DeMonia.

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Incredible: According to the family, the hospital management phoned clinics in the area feverishly – but no report: a total of 43 facilities (also in other states) refused to accept DeMonia. All for the same reason: The continued high number of corona intensive care patients made it impossible for the hospitals to carry out further operations.

When a clinic was finally found, it was already too late for DeMonia: after he was flown to a hospital more than 300 kilometers away in Meridian, Mississippi, he finally died on September 1st.

DeMonia’s daughter Raven on the news that her father was about to be moved hundreds of kilometers away: “I just said, what do you mean by that?” I never thought something like this could happen to us. ”For a week the family had been driving tirelessly back and forth between Alabama and Mississippi – until the terrible phone call came: Ray DeMonia had died.

In his obituary notice, DeMonia’s family also made an appeal to all Americans: “If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, get vaccinated in memory of Ray to provide resources for all non-corona-related emergencies. We wish that no other family would have to experience what we had to go through. “

But there is currently little cause for hope: The chief of the health department of Alabama, Scott Harris, worried: “In terms of ICU bed capacity we still have a serious crisis in Alabama.” The number of ICU patients had the number of existing beds in Alabama in the past Week exceeded by 60.

On Sunday alone, according to a survey by the Washington Post, almost 2,800 corona patients were admitted to hospitals in Alabama, 768 of them in intensive care units.

Hardly surprising: Although the number of people vaccinated rose slightly, only 40 percent of Alabama’s residents are double-vaccinated. This puts the state in fourth-last place in the vaccination statistics – only Idaho, West Virginia and Wyoming vaccinate even worse, according to the Washington Post.

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