Intel Sapphire Rapids processors will offer up to 56 cores with a TDP of 350W

Intel has seen how practically all the information of its 4th Generation of processors has been leaked Xeon Scalable, better known as Sapphire Rapids.

As a quick summary, we remind you that these processors will be manufactured through the manufacturing process of 10nm SuperFinIntel’s most advanced to date, promises a 50 percent CPI improvement over Skylake, and will arrive adapted to the new times, that is, with support for RAM DDR5 @ 4800 MHz in Octa (8) -Channel configuration together with a maximum of 80x PCI-Express 5.0 lanes.

Intel Sapphire Rapids

We are going to what interests, and it is that thanks to the leak we know that the Intel Sapphire Rapids processors will offer a configuration of up to 56 Golden Cove cores, 16 more than the recently launched Ice Lake-SP, with a total of 112 processing threads, although consumption will continue to be a problem, since we are talking about a TDP of 350W with respect to the 270W of the top of the range of the 3rd Gen, or the 240W Top-of-the-range AMD with 64 cores.

Sapphire Rapids

The most interesting of all, is that these processors will integrate HBM2e memory, up to 64GB capacity on the most advanced model with 1 TB / s bandwidth. Intel continues to specialize in Deep Learning with new instructions such as AMX/TMUL, the security module has been improved Intel SGX, and support for using Intel Optane 300 Series memory (Crow Pass) is updated.

According to the company, he has high hopes for Sapphire Rapids, basically because it is mentioned that it will compete with AMD GENOA and not MILAN, something very interesting because it is said that GENOA would offer up to 96 cores @ 5nm and also access to DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0 interface.

Intel Sapphire Rapids

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