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Are you one of those users who deletes some notifications accidentally without reading them? It is something quite common that happens when you are in a hurry or there are many pending notifications. You may have missed an important notification and Android doesn’t allow you to undo the deletion. Today we tell you how to have a notification history to know what you have deleted and which applications have notified you of something in the last hours. It is a very simple, light and completely free. Thanks to her you will have a notification history on your Android mobile so you don’t miss anything.

Don’t miss any more notifications: install a notification history

Swiping the notification bar and pressing the ‘Delete all’ button entails miss some notifications you didn’t expect to miss. Several things can happen in your head: that you don’t care or that you think that one of those notifications could be important. Unfortunately on Android you cannot reverse the deletion, so you only have to do one thing: visit your notification history.

You can only do this if you have one specific application install on your device, which we recommend today. It will hardly take up space on your device, it will not cost you anything and it will be a very useful tool that you can use whenever you need.

The app in question is called ‘Notifications History‘and does just what its name says. It is an application that, after accepting the permissions, can offer you a notification history of your device. It will show you all the notifications that the applications have sent, even the ones you have deleted.

Notification history – Google Play

Thanks to this you will be able to consult everything that has arrived and If you have deleted an important one, you can consult it. It has a very intuitive interface and it is possible to filter by apps or create black lists so that certain applications are not shown in the history.

If you you miss a notification on your device You will only have to enter and see which have been the last ones that have been sent. It is an application that we recommend installing to all users who have a android device and that they do not want to miss any of the notifications that come to them.

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