Insel relies on herbal drinks: Madagascar continues to refrain from vaccines

Insel relies on herbal drinks
Madagascar continues to refrain from vaccines

Many countries in the world are relying on vaccines in the fight against the corona pandemic. Not so Madagascar. The government of the island state continues to swear by a herbal herbal drink. There is no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the drink.

According to President Andry Rajoelina, Madagascar is in no hurry to purchase corona vaccine for its population, but instead continues to rely on an alleged herbal cure for the virus. Rajoelina said in a televised address on Saturday that he himself has not been vaccinated and has no plans to be vaccinated. He is not completely against vaccinations, but the country is currently “in an observation phase of the vaccine”, which currently still has too many side effects.

Last year, the Malagasy government presented a herbal drink based on the local Artemis plant. The drink is said to strengthen immunity, protect against numerous viruses and fevers – especially lung diseases. The brew called “Covid Organics” has already been distributed to schoolchildren in the country, and other African countries have now also ordered deliveries. Last October, the drink was even launched on the market in pill form as “CVO + Préventif”.

However, there are considerable doubts about the effectiveness of the herbal mixture. Among other things, the head of the island’s medical academy warned that the scientific success of the drink had not been proven.

The human rights organization Amnesty International criticized the government on Saturday for its stance. While other countries are relying on vaccines approved by the World Health Organization, the Malagasy government recommends “a plant-based treatment that it advertises as a” magic cure “, denying the population adequate medical care.

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