Inmates from Cefereso 9 are transferred to other prisons in the country

The Juarez Journal

Sunday, December 27, 2020 | 08:38

Juarez City- This morning movement of National Guard authorities was observed in Cefereso 9 of this city, in a transfer of prisoners.

At least three buses were parked from 4:30 in the morning in areas of Cefereso where an operation was being mounted inside, according to testimonies.

The deployment of the military was visible from the Pan-American Highway where surveillance by the federal penitentiary was unusual.

The trucks were escorted to the Abraham González Airport in this city and the inmates were loaded onto a National Guard plane, according to observers.

Until 7:00 am there was movement at the airport due to the operation. The prison authorities have not made any statement in this regard, until this Sunday morning.

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