inmates and prisons, to the rhythm of Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam

The authorities of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service set off the alarms and initiated an investigation after a video clip recorded by the inmates of the 33 Los Hornos prison, along with prison staff, as part of a choreography contest in the prison units went viral.

The video, which transcended on social networks, shows a group of women performing the song “Muévelo” by Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee in the prison facilities.

The controversial thing that generated indignation in some users is the participation of prison staff in the middle of the choreography, which is a matter of investigation by the authorities.

Although the video is part of a contest organized by the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service within the framework of “a resocialization plan for inmates”, the researchers are trying to establish who gave the women permission to use a car, a drone and part of the facilities jail that would be prohibited for such purposes.

The contest “We dance anyway” It began in 2018 and had its grand finale at the Magdalena Municipal Theater last year.

In this third edition, 84 inmates from ten penitentiary units participated. Each team was made up of between six and twelve girls deprived of their liberty, in order to “improve their general physical and mental condition, improve coordination, reinforce the values ​​that teamwork provides, increase self-esteem and self-confidence. and reduce stress ”.

The inmates used a car as part of the choreography.

The inmates used a car as part of the choreography.

In the case of Los Hornos, as the order was not complied with and they also included SPB employees, they were disqualified.

As reported by the newspaper The day, The authorities They do not rule out sanctioning the prison guards who participated in the production, directly and indirectly.

In this Los Hornos jail, located at 149 and 70 Bis, many pregnant and sick women who live with their babies or young children went on a hunger strike last May, amidst the controversy over home prisons due to the coronavirus.

As explained by the criminal lawyer Rosana Locasciola at the time, there are 188 women, of whom three were pregnant and 17 live with children.

Within the establishment there is a primary school and a secondary school. And through an Agreement with the National University of La Plata, detainees can study Law, Sociology and Journalism careers.


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