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Injured during shooting – model visits leopard, who tore her face to pieces

Halle – The last time they faced each other, Leopard Troya (16) tore the face of the unsuspecting model Jessica Leidolph (36).

On Wednesday, the victim returned to the site of the terrible incident for the first time. Jessica and Troya faced each other in the residence for show animals in Wangen (Saxony-Anhalt) – but this time separated by a grid.

“I made a conscious decision to take this step,” says the full-time physiotherapist from Thuringia, who wanted to take photos for an animal welfare calendar during the attack with Troya.

And further: “That I’m standing here today is part of my therapy, which should help me to come to terms with the accident. Fortunately, my face is healing well. “

It was also lucky that a leopard like Troya (weighing 60 kilos) doesn’t bite with such extreme force as a lion, for example. The predatory teeth penetrate with a force of about 50 kilos per square centimeter – in a lion it is about four times as strong.

As rather small big cats, leopards specialize in striking quickly and cunningly – they can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h.

On Wednesday, Leopard Troya was basking lazily in his enclosure, looking harmless and serene. Owner Birgit Stache fears that her image has suffered as a result of the accident – although the district office did not find any defects during controls.

She says: “We are being attacked, there are no food donations.” Jessica regrets that. She says, “I have respect and don’t blame Troy.”

Animal attacks against humans

Allegedly tamed wild animals attack people again and again!

► In 2003 the tiger “Montecore” attacked the magician Roy Horn († 75) at a show in Las Vegas (USA). The trainer survived, but from then on was paralyzed on one side.

► The TV chimpanzee Travis tore up Charla Nash’s face in Stamford (USA) and tore off her hands. The then 55-year-old wanted to catch the animal together with the owner.

► In 2012 a wild leopard scalped a man in a residential building in Guwahati, India.

► In 2012, an otter attacked a cleaner in Hamburg’s Hagenbeck Zoo and bit her arms and legs.

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