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Ingrid Aceitón two months after losing her daughter: "This is too hard"

Last January, Ingrid Aceitón broke into social networks with unfortunate news: she lost her daughter with 7 months of gestation. Although he remained silent after making the fact known, it was not long before he raised the issue publicly.

In February, she shared an image of her pregnancy along with an extensive reflection. “This photo reflects full happiness in my life with her, my Alice Amorette. Not caring how it turned out in the shot. Just enjoying every second of her, of my love, of the most beautiful thing that I had had and felt in all my life, “he said.

“I still can’t figure out all this, it was all so fast and inexplicable that my soul is torn from trying to understand and accept that I can never be by your side again. From having the most beautiful days of my existence, I went to be in a world of unequaled pain, despair and anguish ”, he added, thanking the little girl for the brief.

Ingrid Aceitón two months after the loss

A month and a half later, Ingrid Aceitón referred again to the experience she suffered last January. This time he did it through his Instagram stories, where revealed how important messages from other mothers who have suffered loss have been to her.

“Moms who have lost their children will understand me, that reading a message from them, I don’t even know why, but many times they make my day more peaceful,” she confessed.

He also had words of thanks for his followers, “for their good vibes, energy and support. “This is too hard. I would like it to happen to no one else. It’s the worst. Perhaps many do not understand what it feels like, and it is better, because I don’t give it to anyone“, He remarked.

Finally, he indicated that “I am sad today, very sad. AND there are moms who give me hope that then leave me“. “I only ask God day and night for all of us who need peace and calm,” he closed.

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