Influencer calls Oaxaca a “paranoid state”

The Russian influencer was visiting the state of Oaxaca. Photo: Taken from social networks

Xenia Reina, influencer originally from Russia who currently lives in Mexico, was criticized on social media this week for calling Oaxaca a “paranoid state”, after he was not allowed to enter tourist areas as a measure against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are currently in a holiday period and despite the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, as well as calls from federal and state authorities to stay home to avoid further contagion of the virus, the population still goes out to “tour” and visit some places in the Mexican republic, such as the state of Oaxaca.

In Oaxaca The entrance to certain archaeological sites is allowed as long as the basic preventive measures are followed, such as the use of face masks, taking a temperature and applying an antibacterial gel; Likewise, only a maximum number of people who can enter the place is contemplated and in the case of Monte Alban only 400 people can enter.

Unfortunately, the Russian-born influencer Xenia Reina took badly the measures implemented in Oaxaca to take care of health and avoid spread of COVID-19 among arriving tourists; For this reason, he railed against the entity and its actions through his Instagram profile.

“I couldn’t even enter Monte Albán because at 11 am they no longer have space. Only the Mexicans who formed from 7 am passed. Lousy, lousy place to sightsee. I will never visit this paranoid state again. Let it run out of international tourism ”.

Xenia Reina, influence

Also, the influencer Xenia Reina He did not stop there and ended his comment with the following against Oaxaca:

“And they still have the line of 90 vehicles formed right now. They believe too much. There are many better places in the country and without doing so much stupidity. Bye forever Oaxaca ”.

Xenia Reina, influence

The influencer’s comments were spread through social networks and users shared their anger and indignation at what Xenia said, even allegedly some threatened the girl and she also reported it on her Instagram.

The apologist Xenia Reina apologizes

Faced with the criticism, the influencer Xenia Reina apologized for what happened and pointed out that “maybe” her comments were out of place, but they were made because of the fatigue she had after touring Oaxaca without being able to enter where she wanted.

Xenia Reina’s apology for her comments against Oaxaca. Photo: Taken from social networks.

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