INE Commission orders AMLO to stop comments against the opposition in “morning”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is interfering in the electoral process with its statements about the opposition parties and the alliances between them, which it makes in the morning lectures, He is also setting a bad example to other public officials who have already begun to imitate him, considered the National Electoral Institute (OTHER).

Given this, the Institute issued precautionary measures inhibitory guardianships so that the president desists from making comments that could interfere in the electoral process, as well as remaining neutral.

The three members of the INE’s Complaints and Complaints Commission rejected the ruling that described the decision as inadmissible. PRD request to order the president to refrain from making statements of electoral nature at morning lectures.

Directors Murayama, Claudia Zavala and Adriana Favela They recalled that, as a public official, the president has the obligation to respect the Constitution and not use public resources to influence the electorate.

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“What we are seeing is a chain of acts and events that are being of little legality for us. They are violating the Constitution and are even beginning to be a bad example because there are other leaders at the local level who are beginning to emulate it and that could give to the fret with the equity and neutrality“, considered the president of the commission, Ciro Murayama.

The counselor explained that every day, in conducting the morning press conference, the use of resources from the federal government: from the headquarters, National Palace, to the equipment for its transmission and dissemination in public media; These resources must be used impartially and without influencing the competence of political parties.

In practical terms, impartiality would imply that in its press conferences, the President does not make reference, neither for nor against, a single electoral political actor.

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The PRD denounced the President before the electoral body for the alleged misuse of public resources and for meddling illegally in the electoral process by making statements with electoral content in the so-called morning conference; He also requested to adopt preventive precautionary measures to order him to refrain from issuing such statements.

The complaint comes after the president referred to the coalitions between PAN-PRI-PRD noting that “they represent the old regime (…) what matters to them is that we do not have a majority representation in the Chamber of Deputies“; later, the head of government of the CDMX, Claudia SheinbaumHe also spoke out against alliances, which for the councilors represents an example that the president is setting a “bad example” for local leaders.

With the resolution they took, the counselors indicated that the freedom of expression of the president or any other public official is not being restricted, but that they are simply being ordered to comply with what the Constitution mandates.

“We are not limiting any freedom of expression, we are simply redirecting the conduct that is required of public servants in terms of the Constitution. Just as he has expressed that he is not going to comment on Morena’s alliances, that he does the same with other political parties We have State duties and compliance with the Constitution is the main guiding principle that we must have, “said Claudia Zavala.

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The and the public servers they should avoid that their manifestations are translated into expressions that seek to favor or harm political parties, subjects in the electoral contest or that are presented as a political option, they concluded.

“Make it clear to all public servants that they cannot intervene, especially because we are not even on the campaign trail and we already see this type of expression. Public servants must maintain this care,” said Adriana Favela.


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