INE Commission hits request to lower Morena’s spot on Covid-19 vaccines

The Complaints and Complaints Commission of the National Electoral Institute (INE) declared the request to download Morena’s spots promoting vaccines against Covid-19 inadmissible.

The agency determined that the videos promoted by the Moreno national leader, Mario Delgado Carrillo, on his social networks, may be part of a communication strategy that seeks to position Morena before the start of electoral campaigns, by relating it to government actions federal but that the spots, in themselves, are not illegal.

“From a preliminary analysis, the videos released by the president of Morena, related to the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, in principle cannot be considered as illicit since they are carried out exclusively on social networks and their content does not refer to the elections”.

The appeal had been initiated by Acción Nacional and Revolución Democrática with the argument that the spots constitute personalized promotion, improper use of social programs, misleading advertising, anticipated campaign events and a possible orchestration of messages to induce citizenship.


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