Indio Solari assured that “it is unlikely” that he will go back on stage and spoke of Parkinson’s: “It is very annoying and painful”

The word of El Indio Solari (Audio: “Prayers attended”, Radio Provincia)

“We had been dreaming about this interview for many months, but the pandemic stuck its tail”, said Marcelo figueras to the listeners of Answered prayers, by Radio Province, before presenting an extensive dialogue that he had with the Indian Solari.

The musician spoke with the driver and his dear friend for almost two hours. From his home Leloir Park, allowed to make a little joke about the social, preventive and mandatory isolation that was dictated this year by the coronavrius pandemic. “A friend wanted to give me the position of Minister of Quarantine”He assured, referring to the fact that he does not usually leave his home. Although he clarified that from time to time he usually “takes a walk around the neighborhood”: “I challenge someone, I fight. It’s entertainment “.

On the other hand, he indicated that during the quarantine he was active through his social networks and that when he uploaded photos some fans doubted that the images were current. And he related that a young man came to ask him to take a selfie with the date’s diary. “This interview is going to serve as a proof of life”Said the driver and the former leader of Los Redondos added, laughing: “That I am alive”.

In another part of the interview, the popular artist said that “it is unlikely” that he will go on stage again but he brought peace of mind to his fans by ensuring that in 2021 he will provide a streaming show and will also launch “the comic book with illustrated letters ”. For his part, he referred to Parkinson, neurodegenerative disease that affects movement. It emerged during a political talk in which he spoke about the situation faced by those who do not have the resources to go through it like him.

“What I have is very annoying, very painful”emphasized the musician who in March 2016 told his audience that Parkinson’s was “hot on his heels.” “The other day I was thinking what it must be like for the guy who has the same thing as me, who doesn’t have money to buy medicine. That he does not have kinesiology. It must be (wanting) to throw you on the train tracks. Is unbearable. It takes you away from life ”.

Indio Solari (NA)
Indio Solari (NA)

“I have to make an effort to concentrate, to abstract myself. Thank God, the things I do have that peculiarity of using the brain to imagine things. And there I am, all the time absorbed in my things. But I imagine those people who have had no other possibilities than to grab the spoon or cardboard. It must be hell”Carlos Solari continued, such is his real name.

The coronavirus pandemic

“The world is all going to hell and it wasn’t that hard to predict.”

“I’m very concerned about what horror there may be now.”

—When water is more important than oil, we will see the horror.

Be wary of the russian science it’s really a dare. Did anyone ever ask where other vaccines we got from came from?

The government of Mauricio Macri

“People’s memory is rare.” With the previous government … how do you manage to forget that every time they disembark they strive what they can and are now traveling the world? The country has been stolen. Not that they took a change. They are fortunes that are abroad.

If we (the pandemic) touched us four years ago we would all die. They call themselves libertarians and it seems crazy to me, there are times when you don’t know if it’s a farce.

—With the previous minister (by Patricia Bullrich) they had free rein to emulate the Kentucky Police (United States), who beat you up, step on your head and kill you.

Other phrases of Indio Solari

—The middle class and the upper middle class want to have all the plastic bullshit they see and so the ecological question goes to shit.

The middle class guy who doesn’t like to travel on the same charter as the brunette, just thinks about going to Punta del Este. They don’t have a thinking life like yours or mine that we dedicate ourselves to that and nothing else.

I can’t tolerate being Indio Solari here, imagine being (Diego) Maradona in the world. It was powerful, powerful good. With other weapons, not with ‘I’ll grab your neck’. We all believed that he would always get away.

—He who sucks the stockings to power cannot be an artist. It pisses me off when they talk about me having money. Yes, I have money, because an independent artist has to be able to resist the onslaught of power.

—All the crazy ideas that people who are opposed to the government have generate nonsense. These people worry me because they have disobeyed all medical and scientific instructions, and The figures go to hell when those clandestine parties show up. That part of society for me is incomprehensible.

“I watch the news and I can’t believe it.” They say the speech of what they believe, they speak more than the interviewee and then they say: ‘Is this so?’; And the other one is tired because the other one already said every bullshit.

– The power of the conservative right is the capital. Luckily Argentina has Peronism in the middle of the sandwich between communism or the left and the powerful.

—The weapon of Peronism is to win the elections by quantity because there are more who do not have than those who have. If there is fraud, Peronism will not do it.

—Communism lost the battle because the fraternal movement became another monster.

—The security forces draw from the same neighborhood as the bandits. Police stations live off prostitutes and underground gambling.

“The United States is falling apart and will raise a lot of dust.” He no longer gives them the leather to be the world’s policeman, he does give them to threaten.

—I’m in love with (the band) The air conditioning fundamentalists. I’m drooling, I insisted they continue.

When one is 71, death is the great adventure one has to run. I treat her as in songs: familiarly. You were born and the other big step is dying. The rest becomes secondary. The hard drive is not enough for everything and it is not that hard.


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