India: Rooster kills its owner in illegal cockfight

Vor an illegal cockfight in India, one of the animals killed its owner rather than its opponent. The rooster, who was already equipped with a knife on his leg, injured the man in the groin area in an attempt to escape him so much that the man bled to death, the police in the southern state of Telangana said.

Accordingly, the accident happened a few days ago in the village of Lothunur. There were 16 people gathered there to watch the animals fight. After the incident, people fled. The rooster was briefly taken to the police station, but was later handed over to a poultry farm, as the British “Guardian” reports.

Strike against illegal cockfighting

US authorities smashed a chicken fight ring in New York and rescued around 3,000 animals. They had been bred and trained specifically for illegal fighting.

According to the newspaper, the police are now looking for the 15 other people involved in the spectacle. They face criminal prosecution for manslaughter, illegal betting and hosting a cockfight.

A man attaches a spur to the foot of a rooster that is to take part in a fight.  Animals are carefully raised in Mexico for such cockfights.  Then they are presented at regional trade fairs and folk festivals.  The government of Mexico describes the fighting as a tradition that has been cultivated in the country since the 16th century and praises it as an important part of Mexican culture.

A man attaches a spur to the foot of a rooster that is to take part in a fight. The recording was made in Mexico

Quelle: picture alliance / dpa / Jair Cabrera Torres

The so-called cockfighting is banned, but is still common in rural areas of India. They often attract large audiences who bet money on the eventual winners. Knives, blades or spurs up to 7.5 cm long are attached to the legs of the roosters, which are specially bred for the fights. According to Indian animal rights activists, thousands of roosters die in the country every year.

Appalling cruelty to animals in the name of faith

You are forbidden. Cockfighting. And yet they have been used in Bali for centuries. The police look away. The organizers talk about offerings to the gods. But it’s all about the money.

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