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Independiente settled America’s debt for Silvio Romero

The Argentine team still has another debt with the Eagles for the transfer of Paraguayan Cecilio Domínguez

After practically two years of waiting, Club América finally received Independiente’s payment for the attacker’s file Silvio RomeroHowever, those from Avellaneda still have a pending balance due to the letter of Cecilio Dominguez, who even no longer even plays with Red after being transferred to Austin FC from MLS.

Sources commented to ESPN that the South Americans paid to the Americanist coffers approximately one million 600 thousand dollars to settle the debt with the azulcremas for the forward’s pass that arrived in Avellaneda at the beginning of 2018 and that to date remains under the discipline of the Red Devils.

On the other hand, the same source commented that the problems with Independiente are still not over, since they still owe 4.5 MDD for the rights of the Paraguayan Cecilio Dominguez, who was traded in January 2019. The Guaraní It was already sold by Independiente to the MLS and a part of that transfer corresponds to the Americanist cadre.

Argentines seek to settle Domínguez’s debt in three installments of 1.5 million dollars, which would be covered next year, for their part the Americanists are not very happy with the deadlines proposed by the Argentine club and still do not accept the settlement scheme.

America Like many teams in the world, it is not very comfortable in its finances and they recognize that recovering Silvio’s money will fall very well for the institution, in addition sources within the club indicated that in the next summer market the azulcremas will be open to listen offers by the majority of its players to recover capital and delineate the squad to the liking of Santiago Solari.

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