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INCREDIBLE AMOUNTS – The mountains of rubbish are piling up in the flood area

It has been almost two weeks since the flood of horror hit Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia in particular.

The force of the water was so devastating that cars and entire houses were torn away with playful ease. Countless people lost all their belongings in the flood disaster – at least 184 even their lives.

The district of Ahrweiler in Rhineland-Palatinate was hit particularly hard. There can be no talk of normality. The shock at the natural force of the water is too deep.

And yet: the clean-up work for the historical catastrophe has begun. The following pictures show how workers in Niederzissen (Ahrweiler district) fight with excavators, cranes, wheel loaders and bulldozers against the unbelievable mass of flotsam.

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