Increase to the minimum wage goes into effect on January 1, 2021

This increase to the minimum wage for 2021 is added to those made in 2019 and 2020. Photo: Cuartoscuro

On January 1, 2021, minimum wages will increase 15%, according to the National Minimum Wages Commission (Conasami), and whose resolution was published in the Official Journal of the Federation; then in we tell you how they will be.

Minimum salary 2021 in the Free Zone of the Northern Border

As of this Friday, the first day of 2021, the minimum salary will be 213.39 pesos per day of work in the geographical area of ​​the North Border Free Zone, whose increase is made up of 15.75 pesos of the Independent Recovery Amount (MIR) plus a factor for fixing 6%.

Minimum salary 2021 in the rest of the country

For the rest of the country, minimum wage 2021 general will be 141.70 pesos per day, for daily work hours, the increase of which is made up of 10.46 pesos of MIR plus 6% increase for fixation.

With the resolution of the Conasami, for 2021 the work of agricultural laborer, its description and the salary difference of 30% with respect to the general minimum wage in force in 2020 will be incorporated into the professional minimum wage system. While in the Free Zone of the Border it will be equal to the general minimum wage of said area.

How is the 2021 minimum wage?

The following images show, by profession, trade or special jobs, how the minimum wage was in 2020 and how it will be for all of 2021; in addition, how much will be paid in the Free Zone of the Northern Border and in the rest of the country.

With this increase, Mexico climbs eight positions internationally regarding the minimum wage, ranking 76th out of 135 countries. The objective in the present administration is achieve a position among the top 60 countries with the highest salary perceptions.

Increases during the current federal administration

This increase is added to those granted in 2019, of 16%, and of 2020, of 20%, which have allowed, according to information from the federal government, to continue with the recovery of the purchasing power of workers, reducing income inequality in relation to women and the strengthening of the domestic market, without affecting inflation and employment.

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