“Incompetent”: Trump attacks his own ranks in the last few days of office

Updated January 1, 2021, 5:10 p.m.

  • The last 20 days of his term in office have started, but Donald Trump has still not recognized Joe Biden’s election victory.
  • Instead, he spends the rest of his tenure playing golf – and making rounds on Twitter.

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Eight days of golf, twittering and raging: the outgoing US President Donald Trump has the holidays in his Ferienresort in Florida spent – and sent angry messages over and over again via the online service Twitter between individual rounds of golf.

He expanded the scope of his insults again; This time it wasn’t just Trump’s target “Fake News” designated the media and the Democrats, but also their own ranks.

The Supreme Court, for whom Trump himself appointed three judges, received the assessment from him, for example, “completely incompetent and weak“To be. Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp, the current president referred to as “complete disaster”.

He called the leaders of his Republican party “pathetic”. And that too FBI and the Wall Street Journal got their fat off.

Although the White House stressed that Trump was also working “tirelessly for the American people” at his resort in Mar-a-Lago, the president seemed to have lost his interest in politics.

Trump continues to refuse to recognize election victory of competitor Joe Biden

Although he traveled back to Washington on Thursday afternoon (local time), one of the dominant images from his last days in office will be those of him in a white polo shirt and a red one “Make America Great Again”-Baseballmütze Plays golf.

Although the last 20 days have already begun in his office, Trump still refuses Election victory of his competitor Joe Biden.

With this attitude he may soon be completely alone: ​​Even the newspaper “New York Post”, which has been one of his busiest and most vocal supporters, has now asked the president: “Stop the madness”. (afp / dh)

Angry supporters of US President Donald Trump want to boycott Walmart over a tweet from the retail giant. The background was a message from Republican Senator Josh Hawley on the short message service Twitter.

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