The police had to do a job to control the hundreds of young people who gathered before the final of the Copa del Rey between Athletic and Real

Hundreds of young people gathered this afternoon in Pozas, as the bar area of ​​Bilbao Street Licenciado Poza is known, waiting for the final between Athletic and Real to begin, where there have been incidents and police charges to dissolve them.

Between continuous chants in favor of Athletic, scarves and flags, after lunchtime the crowd barely left free passage on the street, where a lot of safety distance was not respected and it was impossible to know if the groups are of four people as dictated by the normative.

The Ertzaintza has deployed riot control in the area and has carried out some charges after being received with the launch of bottles against the agents and the crossing of a container, although at six o’clock in the afternoon there were no very serious incidents or arrests.

In San Sebastián there have not been the same crowds, with many people “potando” with shirts of the Real Sociedad in the Old Town, but without so much concentration of people.