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In the US, an 89-year-old pizza delivery boy received Rs 9 lakh as a tip. america – World

In the US, an 89-year-old pizza delivery boy received Rs 9 lakh as a tip

Darlin, who delivered the pizza, received Rs 9 lakh in tips. (Symbolic picture)

In the US, Derlin Nivi received 12 thousand dollars or about 9 lakh rupees as tips. He works for pizza delivery at the age of 89.

Utah Darlene Nieve received 12 thousand dollars i.e. about 9 lakh rupees as tips. Papa Jones operates the pizza delivery brand of Pizza in the western US state of Utah. They work hard for about 30 hours a week. Darlene Knievy went to Gladi Valdez’s home a pine apple pizza a few weeks ago. When Gladie opened the door, Darlene started the conversation by saying ‘hi gorges’ (Hi, gorgeous!), Which made Gladie Valdez very impressed with them. Gladie Valdez, 32, praised Darlene, saying that she is a very sociable, sweet and noble person.

Gladie’s surprise at pizza delivery age

Gladie told her husband Carlos Valdez about this compassionate deliveryman. Carlos, along with Darlene’s nature and honesty, liked to do things like deliver pizza even at this age. For this reason, he posted the footage of the camera installed near his doorbell on Ticketock. His followers liked Darlene a lot and sent thousands of messages to Darlene. In view of this, the Valdez family ordered pizza several times and insisted on sending Darlene to bring delivery. Whenever they came, the Valdez family posted a video of Darlene. One video was viewed over 2.5 million times.

Crowd Funding for Pizza Delivery BoyCarlos Valdez wanted to do some good work for the delivery boy Darlene, so he decided to crowdfund from his Ticketcock page. Within just 24 hours he raised more than $ 1,000 and the total amount collected was $ 12,000. After this, Valdez went to his house and gave him a sum of $ 12000 in an empty pizza box. Niwi had tears in her eyes after opening the box. People want to donate more to Niwi, so Valdez has created a new Venmo account, where he is no longer as a middle man, and the donations made by people will go directly to Niwi.

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Darlene Nieve told CNN affiliate KSL TV that he never felt socio-financially secure even after working. The step taken by Carlos Valdez has changed his life.

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