Vera Brezhneva, together with her daughters Sonya and Sarah, spent their spring break by the ocean. The ex-soloist of the group “VIA Gra” complains that the rest, with all its brightness, was short-lived. And it’s time for her to return to Moscow. Concerts, filming, fresh photo shoots and social events await the singer. Home, apparently, she will return refreshed and full of energy. In her microblog, the Ukrainian diva published a fresh beach photo, presenting herself in a white bando bodice. The thin fabric clung to the singer’s magnificent bust, emphasizing the main advantage of her figure.

Earlier, Vera managed to check out in white thongs from a bikini on a sun lounger, flashing her elastic hips and a liquid “float”. Such pictures invariably delight the admirers of the singer, especially the male part of the admirers of the Ukrainian diva.

“The holidays are over, I absorb every ray, every smell, every sound … Today it is windy and the surf is so beautifully rustling !! I will make a video for a story. What is the main association with summer for you ?! ” – the singer turned to the fans.

“In the Sultan’s harem I would become a haseki”, “Oh, mothers! This is a delight “,” Well, it must be the same as the bodice emphasizes the bust “,” Very juicy! Your berries fascinate “,” The main thing does not shine through “,” Such elastic charms “,” Will seduce anyone “,” Lady on the beach “,” Wow, what a cutie “,” Sexy “,” Would become the favorite of any sultan, “they write followers.

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