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In the Province they speak of “making very strong decisions” due to the increase in coronavirus infections

Everything seems to indicate that the second wave of coronavirus in Argentina will anticipate the forecasts. The sharp increase in infections in recent days put officials and specialists on alert, who are already talking about resuming the restrictions, something that the Government will finish defining this week.

In that framework, Nicolas Kreplak, Vice Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, assured that it is necessary “to make very strong decisions” and spoke of “a kind of contempt” in society. In any case, it avoided confirming whether the curfew is among the measures under evaluation.

“There is a kind of contempt on the part of the population, there are measures thought about activities at night, but we also have to think about how we take better care of the means of transport, how we better take care of things that happen during the day. You have to make very strong decisions and it is part of the analysis that we are doing this week, “he said.

In statements to radio With youThe official also warned about what is happening on the Atlantic Coast, in the tourist season, and asked to be “a little more severe” with the controls.

Hundreds of young people gather in front of the Parador Boutique in Pinamar.  Photo: Fernando de la Orden

Hundreds of young people gather in front of the Parador Boutique in Pinamar. Photo: Fernando de la Orden

“Some more movement has to be made with respect to what was a prevention recommendation and based on self-care awareness to something stronger, also with actors from the judiciary, as happened in the first instance,” he said. And he added: “We must be a little more severe at this time because the risk we are experiencing is no longer about individual freedoms, but here there is a problem of contagion towards others.”

Kreplak believes that the impact could be more acute in the coming weeks, when the events of the Holidays are reflected. “We still do not know what is the real impact of what happened on December 25 and 31. These next few days we will have strong impacts, which will also help us assess the need to take more drastic measures or not. “

On the possibility of closing bars and nightclubs again in the middle of the season, the official left the door open: “Before every measure that one wants to take, which of course are unpleasant and unnatural for the normal development of society, there are always people who they are harmed. The State is present to prevent them from having worse harm, but our responsibility is to try to ensure that the measures are taken. “

Although Kreplak avoided talking about the total closure of spa towns, he did analyze the possibility of limiting capacity, especially in this time of overflows, as it became viral on the beaches of Pinamar. “It was not proposed to close places in particular, but the province’s phase system is in force and we believe that it may be necessary to use it, but it is important to regulate the capacity. That at some point we say: ‘Up to here, and more it can not'”.

Positive cases of coronavirus in the province of Buenos Aires amounted to 690,383 after 2,034 new infections were confirmed in the last 24 hours.

As reported by the provincial Ministry of Health, 3,935 cases were registered per 100,000 inhabitants, while 595,299 people have already recovered and been discharged.

The Undersecretary of Information Management, Permanent Education and Buenos Aires inspection, Leticia Ceriani, was concerned about the rise in infections and said that “we are at values ​​similar to those of September.”

In dialogue with The Uncover Radio, he assured: “That the cases are increasing in summer when we just started the vaccination campaign is worrying.” And he added that he thinks you can “advance in restricting some activities in closed places”.

The official appealed to “individual responsibility” and insisted on the use of a mask and social distancing to deal with the pandemic.


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