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In the Hofbräuhaus – “We turn yoga into brass music”

Munich – As soon as the Chiemgauer Band LaBrassBanda enters the stage, there is an absolute party atmosphere! Actually…

Now the musicians around frontman Stefan Dettl (40) are playing meditative brass music – and the fans are doing yoga! “We blow the audience into another dimension – until they take off with the yoga mat,” says Stefan Dettl.

While the ten-piece band creates a symphony with tuba, trombone, trumpet, electric guitar and drums, the Munich yoga teacher Petros Haffenrichter leads through the class with his Jivamukti style and FeetUp yoga in the historic ballroom of the Hofbräuhaus. Dettl: “Yoga with brass music – this is a world premiere. Nobody has done it like this before. “

The songs were composed especially for the events. “You have the feeling of taking off on the mat when the tuba sounds. In addition, the deep brass sounds, which are ideally resounding in the historic ballroom of the Hofbräuhaus with the round wooden ceiling. “

The yoga class is suitable for beginners and advanced learners of all ages. “Everyone just does the exercises they want. Everything is completely free, ”says Dettl.

The Munich yogis Gina Weber (31) and Theresa Brackmann (31) from Pop Up Yoga are also enthusiastic about the Bavarian wind instrument combo. “Music in yoga classes is not exceptional, mostly classical or modern music. But with the wind instruments the exercises go much deeper, it carries you and takes you with it. A great experience! “, Says Gina Weber.

LaBrassBanda got the idea for the Bavarian Yoga Symphony during lockdown. “Concerts were not possible there, only one sporting event for 150 people with background music was allowed. So why not yoga with quiet numbers? ”Says Stefan Dettl.

Three of the four performances in October are already sold out. Tickets (99.90 euros) are still available for the yoga concert on October 29th at 6pm. “After the lesson of yoga, the Maß beer comes next to the mat – or tea – and we play a party to end,” says Dettl.

The concept of brass music and yoga celebrated a premiere in Füssen in 2020 with the world premiere of “Yoga Symphony No. 1”, which Stefan Dettl composed especially for this yoga event.

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