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In the Himalayas – man without legs climbs 8000-meter mountain

How much will does this person have to have?

Rustam Nabiev has climbed the 8,163 meter high Mount Manaslu (Himalaya Mountains, Nepal). And that without legs. Several media reports unanimously on this.

The amputee adventurer lost his legs six years ago in the collapse of a barrack in Siberia. In his free time, as the Instagram page with around 1.3 million followers shows, the former soldier usually does without prostheses.

This also applies to the ascent of the eight-thousander on October 2nd. This was certified by the Nepalese authorities.

“I have never seen someone with such a severe disability climb a mountain like this,” said Jay Ram Upreti, a government official. “His performance is simply extraordinary.” It is difficult for a physically fit person to climb Mount Manaslu.

The summiteer wrote on Instagram: “I’ve opened a new page in the history of modern mountaineering.”

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Rustam Nabiev wants to have set a record with the campaign: According to this, he is the first person in the world to have climbed a mountain over 8,000 meters high using only his hands.

Neither the participants of the expedition nor employees of the Nepalese authorities could confirm this. However, a mountain guide assured that the adventurer only used his hands and that he only needed help in a few difficult places.

Rustam Nabiev had published some pictures of the ascent on the internet. They show how the handicapped climbs over rocks, snow and ice. The posts were liked and commented hundreds of thousands of times.

Mount Manaslu (in German: Mountain of the Soul) is the eighth highest mountain on earth. Of the total of 14 eight-thousanders worldwide, ten are in the Himalaya Mountains.

The first person to climb all eight-thousanders is the Italian Reinhold Messner (77).

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