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In the case of “Attention Fahndung” – BILD looking for clues in the case of Rebecca Reusch

In February 2019, Rebecca Reusch (then 15) disappeared from her older sister’s house in Berlin. Two and a half years later, there is still no trace of the schoolgirl – despite a public manhunt, extensive searches, numerous witnesses questioning and one suspect!

In “Achtung Fahndung”, Maximilian Kiewel and chief reporter Matthias Becker reconstruct one of the most unusual criminal cases of recent years on the basis of testimony, investigations by the criminal police and other available facts.

New pictures from Rebecca paint the picture of a fun-loving young woman who is on
September 21 would have turned 18. But the investigators are certain: “Becci”, as they call their family and friends, is dead.

Investigators even assume that Rebecca did not leave her sister’s house alive. You consider your brother-in-law suspect. But in the absence of evidence, he is at large.

“We have conducted extensive investigations and no longer hope that Rebecca is still alive,” says the lead prosecutor Martin Glage. He explains the current status of the investigation and reveals what conclusions can be drawn from the recordings from surveillance cameras on buses and trains.

The fact is: Between Berlin and the Polish border, Rebecca’s brother-in-law’s car was recorded by a license plate recognition system on the day of the disappearance, although he said to the police that he was at home at the time. The search for traces in a huge Brandenburg forest area began – without success.

But: is the youth’s corpse lying in the area after all?

Maximilian Kiewel and chief reporter Matthias Becker try in “Achtung Fahndung” to uncover the riddle of Rebecca’s disappearance …

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