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In several countries – wave of anger against corona measures

Firecrackers, Bengalos, brutal violence!

While it remained quiet in Germany, thousands took to the streets in several European countries such as Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands this weekend to demonstrate against the tightening of the corona measures. Some of the demonstrations ended in chaos, devastation and injuries …

The sad start was made on Friday Netherlands. Because of tightened corona measures in Rotterdam (Netherlands), violent riots broke out there on the night from Friday to Saturday. The situation came to a head that the Dutch police used water cannons and opened fire. Left behind were injured and pure devastation. Holland did not come to rest on Saturday either.

While the first demonstrations also took place in Amsterdam on Saturday, the chaos were waiting for protection and anonymity for the night for further rioting. In The Hague, young people in particular threw fireworks, started fires, threw stones and destroyed traffic signs.

Vienna: police officers pelted with bottles

Last weekend before the lockdown in Austria Corona demonstrations took place in Vienna, which were organized by the right-wing extremist FPÖ, among others. According to the police, around 35,000 demonstrators marched through the streets of the capital.

A spokesman for the police to BILD: “The mood is heated. Bottles and firecrackers were thrown at police officers. There were several arrests. ” There were several arrests. The participants criticized the exit restrictions that came into force on Monday and the mandatory corona vaccination that will apply from 2022 as compulsory measures.

While the exit restrictions for vaccinated and convalescent people are expected to end on December 13, the lockdown for unvaccinated people is unlimited. In addition, Austria will be the first country in the EU to introduce a compulsory corona vaccination in February 2022.

Also in the neighboring country Switzerland Around 2,000 protesters took to the streets to express their displeasure with the impending corona restrictions. Most of the demonstration was peaceful here.

Also in Italy the protests remained peaceful. Around 3,000 people gathered in Rome to criticize the Covid-19 measures at workplaces, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, fitness studios and on public transport. Worrying: Only a few wore a mask.

“No vaccination passports!” Demanded hundreds of protesters in Northern Ireland in front of Belfast City Hall. The Christmas market was supposed to open there on Saturday. Admission only against proof of vaccination or with a negative COVID-19 test.

Just this week, the Northern Irish government decided to introduce vaccination certificates for nightclubs, bars, restaurants – and Christmas markets. How little contemplative the demonstrators find this, they showed in sometimes disrespectful and insulting signs that compared today’s Corona restrictions with the actions of Nazi Germany at the time.

Also in Croatia there were demonstrations by anti-vaccination opponents on Saturday. Thousands gathered in Zagreb with flags and banners, criticizing the restriction of people’s freedom by the Corona policy.

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