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In Rosario the restriction on night circulation is in force

In that sense, he brought tranquility to the gastronomic sector by ensuring that the intention is that “the activity works.” The mayor made these statements on the return of the public shows at the municipal amphitheater.

When emphasizing the situation in Rosario due to the pandemic, he pointed out: “We are facing an increase in cases. We are not at the time of greatest peak. It is likely that if we do not take care of ourselves we will have a peak. We have a situation that is complicated because infections occur in family gatherings. And the enormous amount of encounters that took place in December shows the multiplication of infections “.

And in addition to insisting on waiting for the fine print of the presidential decree, the mayor said that “we hope that we can take the measures, within what we have been applying, taking into account the evolution of the cases, the occupation of the beds and the other variables “he continued.

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Furthermore, he noted: “We have measures in force, maybe we have to reinforce controls, maybe we have to modify the scheduleMaybe a weekday is different from a weekend, but I heard what the governor said and I share it, Our intention is not to restrict activities, it is to see in any case how we restrict circulation“.

Before the consultation on the clandestine parties that are being carried out and that are an important source of contagion, he asserted: “In Rosario we can intervene directly and prevent them, not so in other jurisdictions. Today there was a meeting with federal forces, the province and where we We made our contribution. And yesterday I spoke with the vice-governor of Entre Ríos to ask her for some intervention on the ground in the islands. And tomorrow (this Friday) I am going to communicate with the Prosecutor’s Office and with the Judicial Power so that there is a stronger attitude, because our administrative instances are held back from entering a private home, and there we need a more active intervention from the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPA). There have been them and we are going to try to amalgamate them. “

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