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In old friendship – How IaF sister Christina (31) found friend Helga (93)

Leipzig – Christina Petersen aka Sister Miriam (“In all friendship”) had to apply for this extraordinary friendship.

For that she is all the more familiar now.

Christina is 31, her friend Helga 93 years old. The old lady lives in a senior citizens’ housing complex in Berlin, and the actress visits her regularly. “We also sing. Helga was in the choir for 30 years and has a huge collection of sheet music. Sometimes she takes out her harmonica and plays something for me. “

The two women have lived for more than six decades. How does such a friendship come about?

„DThanks to my grandparents, I have always enjoyed spending time with older people, ”says Christina. “I find the thought unbearable to be left alone in old age. That’s why I researched the internet, came across the Friends of Old People Association and that’s how I got to know Helga. “

Since then, the two have been one heart and one soul. “Before we meet, I always call again to ask if I can bring something or if I should accompany Helga to a doctor’s visit.”

Christina’s own grandparents have already died. Her grandfather had dementia and was cared for by the family. She is most grateful for meeting Helga herself. Because you learn what life is really about. “And suddenly no longer takes one’s own sensitivities so seriously.”

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