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in March, all Mexicans over 60 will be vaccinated against Covid

He President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that end of March will be vaccinated all mexicans over 60 years against him Covid-19 and presumed that Mexico was the country in Latin America that applied the vaccine against the pandemic,

In a long video broadcast on his social networks on the occasion of the beginning of the year, the president indicated that 53 thousand 625 doses have been received today and 32 thousand 824 have been applied, that is, 61% to the medical personnel who work in Covid hospitals and reported that 50 thousand more doses will arrive on January 5, and three weeks later one million 400 thousand doses will arrive to vaccinate all health workers, which are estimated to be 750 thousand.

In his study at his home in Tlalpan, in the Mexico City, the president reiterated that there will be vaccines for the entire population that wants to be vaccinated “because it will be voluntary and we are free,” but I reiterate that the State’s obligation is to guarantee access to the vaccine.

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“At the end of January we will begin to massively vaccinate all older adults with the Cansino vaccine which is a single dose. We are already doing the paperwork and we will have this vaccine at the end of January and we estimate that by the end of March we will have all Mexicans vaccinated. Of course this is voluntary, those who wish, because we are free, but the obligation of the Mexican State is to guarantee that everyone who wants to be vaccinated has the possibility of doing so. Universal and free vaccine.

“At the end of March we will have the entire population over 60 years vaccinated, all of them, and by April we will start with those who are younger, with chronic diseases and then teachers and so on.

He President López Obrador He reiterated that there will be no shortage of vaccines and this, he assured, will help to get out of “this nightmare” that has meant the health crisis generated by Covid and that in Mexico has caused the death of more than 120 thousand people.


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