In Iztapalapa, covid-19 tests will be carried out house by house

The mayor of Iztapalapa, Clara Brugada and the Secretary of Health of Mexico City, Olive Lopez presented the universal screening program “House by House let’s stop the covid in Iztapalapa”, Which has the purpose of detecting in colonies, neighborhoods, towns and housing units of the demarcation people possibly infected by covid-19.

The above, to channel them to itinerant modules to therapid test application, and if positive, isolate and receive medical, financial and food assistance.

Brugada Molina explained that this program is an expansion of the actions in neighborhoods with more cases of covid-19 carried out by the government of Mexico City, “only now the entire demarcation is also a priority, so it will have the support close up of 670 public servants of the mayor’s office and the Sanitary Jurisdiction”.

He detailed that the program starts in 13 colonies, one from each territorial direction, which were selected for being the most populated.

He added that within a maximum period of three months it is expected to complete the screening in all homes, that is, close to two million people.

Will start in the housing units from: Ermita Zaragoza, Vicente Guerrero (Superblock 1) and Santa Cruz Meyehualco; in the towns of San Andrés Tomatlán and Santa Cruz Meyehualco; in the Santa Bárbara neighborhood; as well as in the Apatlaco, Valle de San Lorenzo 1, Francisco Villa, Xalpa 1, San Miguel Teotongo 1, San Juan Xalpa and Juan Escutia colonies.

He said that brigadistas of the Mayor’s Office and traveling kiosks They will be in each neighborhood until completing the tour of each house and the application of the screening to each person.

He added that screening consists of the application of a questionnaire in which general identification data will be requested; presence of symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, fever, among others; if you have had contact with someone sick with covid-19, he number of inhabitants of the house and if there is older adults.

In turn, the Secretary of Health, Oliva López, stated that this program represents an important job to address the pandemic, decrease the speed of contagion, reduce the number of severe cases and hospitalizations through timely detection and emphasized that as the pandemic is defeated in the territory, internments, critical cases and deaths can be abated.

He stated that pandemics are defeated with territorial work, intersectoral and with the participation of the inhabitants of the communities. He underscored his confidence that this program will be enormously successful and help reduce chains of contagion, serious cases and will provide quality care to the inhabitants of Iztapalapa.

Finally, he highlighted that this program represents the universal access to rapid tests detection of covid and shows the concern and actions in the face of the pandemic in the Mayor’s Office, where efforts, resources and important coordination have been added through the Health Jurisdiction.


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