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In her first tweet of 2021, Cristina Kirchner urged to fight the coronavirus to the rhythm of “Aserejé”

In her first message of the year on social networks, Cristina Kirchner shared a video of the campaign of the Province of Buenos Aires for the holidays, and urged Argentines to take care of themselves and continue with the measures against the coronavirus pandemic.

“Whichever tourist destination you choose to enjoy this vacation, please take good care of yourself. For yourself and for others. #ABCD“, he wrote when sharing the video and also enraptured the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof.

The filming is the launch of the campaign “ABCD” (Water – Chinstrap – Air circulation – Distance), edited with the rhythm of Aserejé of the spanish group The ketchup.

The governor of the Province of Buenos Aires himself had launched the campaign, which later became a trend with the hashtag #ABCD on Sunday afternoon.

The last thing the vice president had tweeted was December 31st, in which he said that 2020 “was very difficult for the majority of Argentines and Argentines.”

“This true economic and social pandemic represented by the last neoliberal cycle of the macrista government was added this year, in an unpredictable way, the coronavirus pandemic,” that thread continued.

With the arrival of the first vaccines, hope opens up, but we have to continue taking care of ourselves. That is why I want to ask you to stick together, being more supportive than ever. I want to send my best wishes to the Argentine families for this new year. I love you very much“, he wished at that time.


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