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in elections of 2021, people will evaluate AMLO’s government

Ricardo Monreal, Morena coordinator in the Senate of the Republic, warned that he will continue to present controversial initiatives which will generate annoyance, such as the reforms to the Bank of Mexico Law.

Although he does not want to intervene in the 2021 electoral process, Monreal assured that with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador it was very comfortable to win the 2018 election, but now, that he will not be on the electoral ballot or accompanying the candidates, they will have to work hard to support themselves.

In an interview with MILLENNIUM, the political operator of the legislative agenda of the President of the Republic stated that In the 2021 elections, citizens will evaluate the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Monreal pointed out that for the next session he is already working on several proposals related to the economic and security sector.

What is Morena’s challenge in electoral year?

Morena’s challenge, for me, even though I don’t want to get involved in partisan things, is to keep the majority in the Chamber of Deputies, to win the majority of governors, and municipal presidencies, but that will be decided by the people and the people will evaluate the government of the president (Andrés Manuel) López Obrador.

And what is your prognosis?

I don’t want to anticipate vespers, you have to work a lot.

Will they work 200 percent?

Much more, because now President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will not be on the ballots, and now, the candidates will have to go alone, with their own images and personality, walk, walk, walk and convince, convince the population to continue to endorse their confidence in a movement that we will not fail.

How will the absence of the image of President López Obrador affect?

It does affect. An election with Andrés Manuel is not the same as an election without Andrés Manuel. Obviously it is diametrically opposite. With Andrés it was very comfortable to win the election, without Andrés, you have to work hard to win it.

And will there be unity in the same candidates?

I hope that unity is not lost, not broken, not lost in order to face the challenges.

Did the president abandon Morena?

No. The President acted congruently and said from the campaign that once he was president he would walk away from the party and its decisions, he is totally removed. It seems to me that it is simply congruence in what he thinks and what he doesDo not use the government to win elections, do not use the government to cheat, do not use the government in an immoral, undemocratic way.

What is the message that the result of the 2021 elections will leave?

Renewal, continuation, deepening and I believe that the transition must continue.

And the coalitions?

Each one will make their coalitions as best suits them. I don’t have to disqualify any of them, It is an effort of parties, they exist all over the world and here it will not be the exception.

For the next period, will you continue to present controversial initiatives such as that of Banxico?

More than controversies they are indispensable. What happens is that they are laws that move inertia, move and energize different sectors and obviously, some resistances do not want things to change, but I will continue presenting them. I have presented hundreds of them and I will continue to perform in the best way… I will continue presenting them. I am preparing others, which I know will also disturb, I warn, I warn, but then no way, no way. It is for the good of the country.

Will you do it this December holiday period?

I’ll also talk, yes, I’ll talk with everyone, but I have some there that I’m preparing. And now that I’m going to be here, I’m going to come every day, I’m not going to go on vacation because I don’t want to go out, I’m going to be here. So I’m going to spend a lot of time writing, researching, reading, to be able to present more initiatives.

What topics are anticipated?

In economic matters, in matters of Public Security, continuation of the judicial reform and some other things that we are going to endorse, deepen, in all this separation of economic power from the politician, sobriety, austerity, fighting corruption, all this we will walk in the same direction.

What are the different sectors preparing?

What to prepare. Without affecting them, we will listen to them, but it is time to start a profound process of change. Already, in these two years, the foundations of the fourth transformation have been laid. Constitutional bases and legal bases. Next, we are going to continue deepening the same reforms.

For the next regular period, how will your relationship with the containment block (opposition) be?

I speak with the block and I speak bilaterally. In the last sessions, I reached an agreement with the bloc and then I also reached a bilateral agreement, that is, party by party, group by group. There is a good relationship with them, I respect all the coordinators and legislators and I think that same respectful relationship with all of them will continue.


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