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When the Sonos Roam, I was in the middle of a somewhat uncomfortable thought. On the one hand I understand that they are trying to penetrate the portable speaker market. On the other hand, I must accept that I am in the segment of the population that hates the common use of portable speakers.

Also, being a happy user of Sonos For so many years, I wondered how much commitment they would have to make for the size of the Roam. It is possible to get sound of a certain quality, but how good will it really be?

After a few days testing the Sonos Roam, I have some answers. We also have to talk about the price, whether or not it is justified for the use that many people will give it and how, thanks to the technology it incorporates, it can be versatile enough to get more out of it in different situations.

Sonos Roam: portable and built to last

Sonos Roam it is not the brand’s first portable speaker. That was the Sonos Move, much larger, but with an internal battery and a simple charging system on a practically invisible base. The Move has pretty good sound quality, in a relatively compact size – larger than a Sonos One but smaller than the Sonos Five.

Those who want a very powerful sounding product that is capable of playing music in a large space – a swimming pool or a Sunday barbecue for example – should probably think about it. Move.

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