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In Cruz Azul the process of “exclusion” of ‘Billy’ Álvarez begins

Through a vote in the Extraordinary Assembly, it is sought to leave the former president of the institution out of the Cooperative and the Club

In Cruz Azul, the process of “exclusion” of Guillermo Álvarez, former president of the club and former director of the Cooperative, begins by voting at the Extraordinary Assembly held today in one of the facilities of the company that owns La Maquina Celeste.

On the agenda, which consists of 18 points, the name of Guillermo Álvarez is not mentioned, but ESPN Digital learned that in the Extraordinary Assembly that begins today, April 5, 2021, the beginning of the “exclusion process” of the former president of Cruz Azul will be put to a vote.

In case of having a favorable vote, in the next Assembly, the process would be carried out to leave Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas out of the Cooperative and the Club, who is currently at large, following an arrest warrant, and has a red card issued by Interpol, to be searched internationally.

The “exclusion process” is the first step to exclude Guillermo Álvarez from the Cooperativa y del Club. Thus, the new administration could finalize the procedures so that ‘Billy’ no longer appears linked to the institution, neither in the Mexican Soccer Federation nor in the MX League.

The “Extraordinary Assembly” is scheduled at 10 in the morning and ensures that it has the consent of 47.5 percent of the cooperative members, after last year its former general director, Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas, was singled out for alleged participation in activities with money of illicit origin.

Since August 2020, there has been no news of Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas and only one letter was made public in which the president of Cruz Azul resigns from his functions. For now, the control of the club is under the Board of Directors and Vigilance, which will also be put to a vote.

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