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In cooperation with Media Markt – BILD distributes 3,000 power banks to those affected by the flood

BILD reporters have heard repeatedly from the flood victims over the past few days: Can we borrow your power bank? Our reporters helped with their batteries.

Reason: The electricity has still largely failed. The cell phones are empty, communication impossible. No chance of reaching relatives.

BILD reacted, editors researched and telephoned. After a few hours it was clear: Media Markt is sending 3,000 power banks from the main warehouse of the manufacturer “Isy” in Northern Germany to the crisis region, BILD will distribute them!

Then everything happened very quickly. On Sunday shortly after midnight, the van with the power banks and suitable chargers arrived in Bornheim. BILD editors have been responsible for the distribution ever since. The first devices have already arrived in Schuld and Bad Neuenahr / Ahrweiler.

BILD distributes the power banks all Sunday to those affected by the flood of the century.

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