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In Common: the new political space that …

Different political sectors and civil society inaugurated, this Monday, the political space called “In Common”, which will join the Front of All. The new organization pretends to base itself with “the defense of the most vulnerable sectors, federalism and the fight for gender equality.”

From 6 pm, the General Secretary of the Single Union of Rent and Horizontal Building Workers (SUTERH) Víctor Santa María approached the Art Media Complex, located on Corrientes Avenue; the Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta; Senator Mariano Recalde; the deputies Rosana Bertone, Facundo Moyano, Gisela Marziotta and Martín Soria; and the director of INADI, Victoria Donda, among other leaders.

“We have premises that we share and we also have different ideas. We want to contribute from our union, executive and legislative experiences,” Moyano commented at the event. “I am very happy to be here. There are many more things that unite us than what separates us. We have this opportunity to accompany Alberto and Cristina in a very difficult year,” added Bertone.

For his part, Marziotta highlighted the legislative activity of the Frente de Todos during the year of the pandemic. “Despite the fact that they said that Congress was going to function less because it did not always have face-to-face sessions, it was 60% more productive,” he added.

Federalism, access to land and expansion of rights, axes of the new project

“The space is characterized by the defense of the most vulnerable sectors, federalism, the fight for gender equality, access to land and the expansion of rights. We come together because diversity makes us stronger, but above all , because it gives voice to the majority, “said a statement released by this brand new group.

“We are aware of the crisis that the world is going through, the delicate situation of our country and the challenges that lie ahead. But we have in common an unshakable faith in the ability of our people to rise again even after the worst moments”, pointed out.

And, in the sense, they completed in the statement: “The objective that this space proposes” is to add to the consolidation of the Frente de Todos and the process to put Argentina on its feet led by the national government of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner “.

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