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In Coahuila, 29 officials sneak into vaccination against covid-19

Officials of the health jurisdiction of Coahuila were vaccinated against covid-19 despite not being in the first line of care or having direct contact with infected patients.

The personnel who applied the vaccines in the 12th Regiment of the Ministry of National Defense revealed to MILLENNIUM that although the doses to be applied were 180 for the same number of front-line medical personnel, they distributed 29 more “to the officials who wanted to be vaccinated. ”, With which they applied 209 vaccines.

One of the officials who used a vaccine that should be intended for a doctor, nurse or orderly was Guillermo Herrera, head of the Acuña Sanitary Jurisdiction, who even posed for the cameras of MILENIO after being vaccinated.

Herrera is a doctor, but his work is office, since he does not directly attend to any patient with covid nor is he responsible for transferring them or supplying them with oxygen or medicine, so according to the rules of this first stage of vaccination he was not entitled to a dose.

In this regard, the Coahuila Ministry of Health sent a statement in which it confirmed the vaccination of the head of Sanitary Jurisdiction Number 2 and argued that it was a legitimate act, because in September the official tested positive for covid-19, in addition to that “continuously supervises in person medical units in which covid-19 patients are directly cared for” and “maintains direct contact” with medical personnel.

MILENIO also corroborated that in this group at least two engineers in systems of the Mexican Institute of Social Security were applied the vaccine who also do not have contact with covid patients.

On Monday the governor of Coahuila, Miguel Riquelme, assured that they would not allow any person who was not in direct care with infected patients to be vaccinated, but yesterday morning officials who headed the presidium at the start of vaccination in Piedras Negras violated this agreement.

On the subject, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked Mexicans to respect the vaccination process implemented by the federal government and called for “not skipping the line, for acting with rectitude and equity” so that vulnerable groups be the first to receive the covid-19 vaccine.


Six people from the medical sector were the first to be vaccinated against covid-19 in Nuevo León.

Juana Zavala Ramírez, a specialist nurse in covid-19 at the Metropolitan Hospital, was the first to receive the vaccine by the Secretary of Health, Manuel de la O Cavazos.

With information from: Rafael López and Kevin Recio.

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