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Learn some tips to avoid being a victim of these scams. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

Due to the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), in the Mexico City (CDMX) there has been a high demand for oxygen tanks, so the scams they have not been waiting.

According to the CDMX Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), the Cyber ​​Police maintains permanent patrols in cyberspace with the aim of inhibiting the commission of crimes. During this internet inspection, reports from users of social networks, who point out possible fraud in the purchase and rental of oxygen tanks online.

“Derived from constant monitoring on the web, and thanks to citizen complaints received in the contact media of this Secretariat, the Cyber ​​Police detected that Through apocryphal pages, market sites and sales groups on social networks, offers of low-cost oxygen equipment were made, which could be acquired by simply making an electronic payment; however, after the deposit, the seller no longer contacted the potential buyer”.

CDMX Secretariat of Citizen Security

This is how scammers who “sell” oxygen tanks operate

The reports of scams during the alleged purchase of oxygen tanks led the SSC to initiate an investigation and follow-up, with which it was learned that some pages use logos, colors and typeface similar to recognized brands to steal personal information from netizens interested in these products.

This type of fraud occurs through the forms that are requested to be filled with personal information, contact information and bank cards, so the SSC recommends that, before purchasing any product online, the legality of the pages be validated and, As far as possible, do not make advance deposits to suspicious bank accounts or that are not in the name of a company or give your card number, PIN or security, through the web pages.

Faced with the need and search to acquire oxygen tanks Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many users do not verify the virtual sites where they intend to make purchases, and provide sensitive and personal data, which are used by cybercriminals to obtain benefits such as passwords, user names, telephone numbers, access codes or receipt of money through advance payments for a product that does not exist and, once the objective has been achieved , no longer answer or block the citizen from the means of contact.

The Cyber ​​Police of the SSC has received various reports related to this type of fraud when trying to purchase oxygen tanks online, and identified that Cybercriminals create pages or profiles similar to those of formal companies that offer the products, so it is recommended to verify the URL of the web page, which has the letter “s” at the end of the http, or the security padlock.

Further, it is important that the user reviews the seller’s profile, spelling and photographs of the products on offer; that the seller has a physical address, street, neighborhood, mayor’s office; with an RFC or registration number with the health authorities; and invites citizens to read the comments of other users, all before making the purchase.

Also important avoid following links that are embedded in emails, especially if they reached the spam tray; do not trust pages that have pop-up windows with content other than the main one or with flashy advertisements of supposed contests or prizes.

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