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In Buenos Aires there will be 600 vaccination centers with …

The Minister of Government of the Buenos Aires province, María Teresa García, announced that “the first distribution of vaccines has already been released”, to begin vaccination campaign against coronavirus. According to provincial sources, there will be 600 simultaneous vaccination points throughout the province, although in a first stage the doses will be allocated to personnel who are on the front line against the disease, such as Health and Safety workers.

“Tomorrow (for Tuesday) we will start at 9 in the morning with the campaign that has the target audience health personnel, intensive care physicians and other health personnel“, explained the minister, advancing part of the organization of the vaccination plan. García confirmed that this Monday morning” the first distribution of vaccines to the centers “came out from which they will be distributed to the vaccination places, and detailed some destinations like La Plata, Quilmes, Avellaneda.

“All public hospitals in the provinces of Buenos Aires” will be vaccination pointsGarcia explained. He also advanced that starting in January “about 270 schools will be incorporated”.

further between seven thousand and eight thousand vaccinators will be summoned to develop the campaignThis figure includes “health personnel, the personnel of (the Social Work of the province of Buenos Aires) IOMA, and others summoned by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health.”

The official specified that in the first section, “133 thousand vaccines” will be appliedAnd that we will have to wait “for January, when another five million will arrive and another fifteen million in February.” García recalled that “no one is obliged, it is vaccination with confirmed consent.”

For his part, the provincial vice minister of Health, Nicolas KreplakHe assured that later “all the State offices will be available to manage the shifts of the population, because we will work everything with a shift system“The official ruled out that” people are going to queue, especially for the population at risk. ”

Kreplak explained that “we need everyone to have a turn, for that we need everyone to be able to access the internet or manage a web page, which we know does not always happen. Therefore, the entire State will be prepared to manage and help to each one of the citizens “.

Buenos Aires citizens who register on the page will not receive a turn at the moment, but will give their consent to be vaccinated. “With 315 thousand registered to receive the vaccine so far, the provincial operation will have more than 600 simultaneous vaccination points in Buenos Aires territory, within the framework of a national campaign that will begin tomorrow throughout the country simultaneously”, highlighted the Buenos Aires authorities in a statement.

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