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In Bartlett’s house the tray was passed to politicians and businessmen to look good with AMLO: Loret

(Photo: Cuartoscuro)
(Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Manuel Bartlett Diaz, Director of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), is one of the officials whom the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador he has endorsed on different occasions.

The most recent case is that the CFE admitted that it used an apocryphal document that justified the lack of electricity that occurred on December 28 and affected more than 10 million people. López Obrador said that the Commission made a mistake, “What I’m sure of is that all this is not going to be repeated”, But did not refer to whether there would be a sanction in this regard.

In this regard, the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola describes in his column in the newspaper The universal the political-economic partnership between López Obrador and Bartlett Díaz in the presidential campaign of 2012 and 2018.

Since an official’s house “was the epicenter of the collection of financial support and the mooring of political commitments“And he relates that several of the politicians who were part of the labor coalition mentioned to him that the meetings were held in a building in Lomas de Chapultepec, in Mexico City, for”pass the tray between businessmen and governments with access to a public budget who would like to look good with the possible future president”.

(Photo: Courtesy Chamber of Deputies)
(Photo: Courtesy Chamber of Deputies)

The house where the public official’s meetings were held, as the journalist announced in recent months. “That’s why López Obrador does not touch Bartlett. Because he bounces in his mind the who blew little bell, who blew? ”.

Manuel Bartlett served as Secretary of the Interior from 1982 to 1988 (Miguel de la Madrid’s six-year term) and in the 1988 presidential elections he has been identified as the architect of the “system failure”. It should be noted that López Obrador was a member of the PRI from 1976 to 1988.

The journalist also refers that the official he was accused by the left of kidnapping and political crimesWhile the current president has defended him on the properties that became known belong to the official, “Bartlett duped the government in the renegotiation of the gas pipelines costing them hundreds of millions of pesos. AMLO defends him ”, another case in which his name was present was in the sale of fans at a premium by his son.

(Photo: José Méndez / EFE)
(Photo: José Méndez / EFE)

And the most recent was on the explanation given by the CFE of the blackout that occurred on December 28 and in which a document that was not valid was used. The Government of Tamaulipas accused that it was a false office and until yesterday the Commission admitted it.

In the face of every scandal, President López Obrador is full of praise for Manuel Bartlett. He tries to present him as a victim of supposed dark interests who want to take over the electricity business. AND is unable to accept that corruption, inexplicable enrichment, influence peddling and ineffectiveness in public service ”, indicates the journalist.


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