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In asylum seekers accommodation – man (40) attacks the police with a knife – shot!

Stade (Lower Saxony) – Fatal police operation in an asylum seeker accommodation.

At around 11.30 p.m., emergency services were called to an asylum seeker accommodation in Harsefeld, Lower Saxony, on Monday night. A Sudanese man (40) was armed with a knife and attacked the police officers. Then shots rang out.

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Several bullets hit the 40-year-old asylum seeker and injured him so badly that he died a short time later in hospital.

Several missions because of the man

The police had to go to the asylum shelter all Sunday because of the man.

The police received the first emergency call at 12 noon because the 40-year-old was handling a kitchen knife and looked threatening. The officers calmed him down and then moved away.

Another emergency call at 2 p.m. Again the presumably mentally ill person was noticed with his knife, the police reassured him and ended the operation.

An application was made to have the suspect man admitted to a psychiatric facility. But this was not approved by a competent judge at the local court. The man would have calmed down again and again and shown himself to be cooperative. In their estimation, a danger did not appear to emanate from him.

Investigation into manslaughter

The Stade public prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation into manslaughter against the officers to check whether they fired in legitimate self-defense. In the coming days, the Cuxhaven Police Department will conduct further investigations. Forensics investigated the locked crime scene on Monday.

The emergency services involved are currently receiving pastoral care.

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