In a (very deep) micro bikini, Nati Jota wanted summer but the wind played a trick on her

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December 31, 2020 15:41

Nati Jota went to Villa Gesell to enjoy her vacations and spend the New Year, but the journalist was surprised when she went to the beach.

The surprise that Nati Jota got on the beach
The surprise that Nati Jota got on the beach

Nati Jota is an excellent generator of content on social networks. With almost 2 million followers on Instagram, the 26-year-old influencer began to say goodbye to the year with everything, remember that this 2020 had her as a revelation on the screen of America, in the program “The show of the scandals”

On your Instagram profile, Nati by She qualifies as a “journalist / host / influencer / loqsea” and her header phrase in her account is: “What I don’t want to be is your anecdote. Since I assumed broken I am free. Show or nothing ”.

Drink in hand, Nati Jota liquidated the heat with a millimeter short dress

This week, through social networks, we saw that the blonde went to spend the beginning of a new year on the beaches of Villa Gesell and took advantage of recording stories with her parents and siblings, also to rest after this difficult year.

When he traveled to the coast, Nati Jota, surely, I expected sun, beach, beautiful days and a lot of heat. But the journalist was surprised when he stepped on the beaches of Gesell. Instantly, she uploaded a story in a micro bikini (very deep) from the sand, but it was all cloudy and there was a lot of wind.

Likewise, the driver, as we are used to, took it with great humor and wrote: “Wind? ni hay ”moving his body through the boomerang of history.

Let us remember that the last days, Nati Jota as well He had made other publications from the coast generating good vibes for his followers.

But Nati did not always manage her social networks well, a few months ago they found her some tweets from 2015, in which she was accused of being anti-Semitic and racist. But after a while, the blonde came out to apologize and accused herself of being “stupid.”

Nati Jota had fun on the beach at night: “A little moon lick”

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