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IMSS rejects failure to assign anti-Covid vaccines at Edomex hospital

He IMSS rejected alleged failure in the appointment system of medical personnel in the process of anti-Covid19 vaccination, after the complaint that relatives of the director of the Medical Center “Lic. Adolfo López Mateos ”, Dr. José Rogel Romero, received the immunization on December 24.

At the president’s morning conference Andrés Manuel López Obrador , of December 29, it transpired that director’s relatives from the Toluca Medical Center would have benefited from the Covid19 vaccine, to which the president replied that the complaint would be investigated.

Mexican authorities of the Ministry of Health responded yesterday that before a appointment confirmation system failure of the company hired by the IMSS, to summon medical personnel to receive the Covid-19 vaccine on December 24, forced to call extra people whose registration was manual.

“In order to effectively use the biological one, which has six hours for its application, after 2:00 p.m. it was decided, jointly, to immunize the emergent personnel who were present and belonged to all health institutions,” they reported yesterday authorities of the Ministry of Health of the State of Mexico.

“In the specific case of Dr. Rogel Romero, it is reported that it was contemplated, because the Medical Center is one of the most active hospital units in the care of patients infected with the new coronavirus and has been infected twice” , explained Mexican authorities.

“Regarding the presumed vaccination of their relatives, it is unknown if they received the immunization due to the setback explained above,” said Mexican authorities.

“The official list of those who received the biological was in charge of the company hired by the IMSS, which refused to share the data and promised to send it later, but it has not yet been received,” said authorities from the Mexican Ministry of Health. .

In this regard, the IMSS replied that “in the State of Mexico the platform was not used to schedule appointments, due to the urgency of the start of the vaccination process and the high number of people who were concurrently at the time of application”, this in a statement released this morning.

The IMSS “did not hire any specific company for the development of the dating platform, since it was worked with the support of the institute’s software factory (Softtek),” the institute clarified.

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“The candidates to be vaccinated were summoned by each health institution, based on the hospitals that serve COVID-19 with the highest productivity and were sent in transport to the application’s headquarters,” the IMSS reported.

“At approximately 4:00 pm there was no longer a flow of people for the application of the vaccine, so the person in charge of the vaccination point, attached to the Secretary of Health of the Government of the State of Mexico, summoned the staff members of the vaccination cells to conclude with the available doses and avoid waste ”, stated IMSS authorities of the Poniente delegation of the State of Mexico.

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